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Re: [RFI] Plasma TV's are killing our hobby

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Plasma TV's are killing our hobby
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Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 11:54:41 -0500
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This may be part of the solution.

When a new device shows up that interferes with radio communications,
overload it so that it is useless, then the owner will return it.  We
have a right to use our gear and no obligation to cease from using it
so long as it is FCC-compliant.

The manufacturer is responsible for proper shielding ... enough units
returned and eventually they will notice it on their bottom line.

And if our neighbors ask us about it we can helpfully explain that
the Chinese neglect of quality-control is ripping them off (there is
no excuse to devices that fail them so easily) and so they may want
to file a complaint.

Let's get ourselves some non-Ham allies out there!

> (And, not unexpectedly, that poorly-shielded item was VERY
> vulnerable to RFI from me on hf/vhf - even when it was on CATV.)
> 73, Pat - WA5IYX


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