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Subject: Re: [RFI] Help with Bad RFI.
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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 11:41:45 -0600
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Hi Rick.....
I have one of these and it does the job. Highly recommended.

Dave Harmon
Sperry, Ok.

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My Saga is a common one I think. But I need some expert help thus I joined

I had bad 24hr power line noise and the local power company after much
came out and found 3 poles with
issues, however this took several months and then the repair more time with
of phone calls and promises
that didn't fix it thus prompting me filing a FCC complaint and them fixing
Immediately after I sent them a copy of the complaint. 

But now they wont even talk to me with this issue, probably rightfully so
but it 
was their inaction that prompted the complaint.  

And I wanted them with their DF to locate it.  but Alas not a chance.  And I

dont have the equipment to find it.  Ive driven around
with an AM CB but cannot locate it.

it started about 2 weeks after they fixed the power lines.   But this one,
though it sounds like power line noise, cant
be because of the times.

It radiates worst from about 5.50MHZ up to about 11MHZ.   On 30 and 40
its 20+ over 9 and kills my system totally, I cant even
hear locals.

It comes on anywhere from 10am to 2pm and goes off anywhere from 10pm to 

It sounds just like power line noise.

I have a recording of it at home, I can post it and pictures on a PSK
if anyone needs that to determine more.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  And if anyone is in the Puget Sound
that has the tools/knowledge to help
I would appreciate it.

and Yes I do have PLASMA trouble as well on 80m, but they dont watch all the

time so I'm OK there.

Rick Scott
Everett, Washington

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