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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 23:39:43 -0500
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Did you consider this text as of interest or is your battery not
exposed to those sorts of temperature extremes?

"ATTENTION: Never use a charger without temperature compensation if your 
battery compartment is above 50°C / 125°F. Please consider the 
temperature compensated BatteryMINDer 12248 if your battery is subject 
to extreme conditions. See the section on the Effects of Temperature on 
Batteries in our learning center for additional information and safety 

I have been removing the Anderson PP's from everything here. I have
found them to be unreliable and lossy and they are not a weather-
resistant design. (It says so on their site.)

 From what I've read the results are all over the map but the marketing
to ARES and others has been effective, so they have become a de-facto
standard, at least in theory.  (I keep a few adapters on-hand in the
rare case that I may have to interface my self-contained gear with
someone elses Anderson PP-dependent gear.)

YMMV ...  :-)

Thanks! & 73, doc KD4E

> Hi Doc - I have had this unit for several years. I replaced the connector
> with an Anderson PP as it mates with all my gel cells. So whether it's the
> ice fishing underwater camera or the K2 they all mate with the batteries and
> the charger. I have never heard a peep out of it. It's spendy but I wanted
> something that would not ruin my batteries when I forgot to disconnect them.
> This does that.
> 73 Scott N0AR
>> Many of us would benefit from a reliable battery maintenance
> charger for backup and portable batteries - but the problem
> has been suffering overcharge or troublesome cycling.
> Then there are a variety of maintainers that also claim desulfating
> circuitry, and they may be found for between $9.99 (on sale) up to
> $59.
> *<**http://
> www.batteryminders.com/batterycharger/catalog/BatteryMINDer-Plus-12*<http://www.batteryminders.com/batterycharger/catalog/BatteryMINDer-Plus-12>
> *-
> Volt-133-Amp-Charger-Maintainer-Conditio-p-16134.html>*


Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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