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Re: [RFI] Help with Plasma!

To: Michael Coslo <mjc5@psu.edu>
Subject: Re: [RFI] Help with Plasma!
From: jerome schatten <romers@shaw.ca>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 14:38:49 -0800
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An MFJ Noise Canceller or equivalent is much cheaper than a lawsuit
(read Dickens' Bleak House), and will most likely cure your problem --
it did (and does) here.
Jerome - VA7VV

On Mon, 2011-01-17 at 15:04 -0500, Michael Coslo wrote:
> A Lawsuit is probably the last thing you would ever want to do.
> Anyhow, does anyone have an idea just who the Hams are that are being sued 
> for interfering with their neighbor's electronics? It seems pretty cut and 
> dried that a Ham operating legally has the trump card - Part 15 regulations - 
> so what can they sue for? They are not allowed to interfere with you, and are 
> required to  accept interference from you.
> So what you are left with is a multi pronged approach.
> First you try to help the owner solve the problem, but they do need to know 
> that they are interfering with a licensed service, and they are not allowed 
> to interfere.
> Then they need to implement the fix. Generally you don't want to be paying 
> for it, but sometimes if you have a few ferrites handy, then no harm done.
> Now if they aren't cooperative, then it does make it a little more difficult 
> - but there are still options. Keep in mind that you want to burn as few 
> bridges as you can - unless you can handle living with antagonistic neighbors.
> Anyhow, I think we've all seen enforcement actions form the F.C.C. They start 
> out pretty friendly, and often point the offenders toward working with the 
> Ham.
> So now what? Maybe the situation is  a treadmill. Well they aren't used 24/7, 
> so a chat with the neighbor might set up a time that they won't be 
> interfering with your HF net. There's all kinds of solutions.
> And before anyone seriously starts with the murderous "neighbors growing 
> Ganja in the basement", and are going to off you if you talk to them, why 
> would you be living in such a place anyhow? That's extremely unlikely. If I 
> had drug dealers next door, I'd be out of there in a New York minute.
> - 73 de Mike N3LI -
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