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[RFI] HF DF Antenna recommendations

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Subject: [RFI] HF DF Antenna recommendations
From: "Frank N. Haas KB4T" <kb4t@arrl.net>
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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 21:17:45 -0500
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As some of you know, I am an interference investigator for a large Florida
electric utility. I am fortunate that my employer has provided me with the
best tools available to locate and pinpoint real sparking power line sources
that can easily be found at VHF frequencies. 

Users of the HF frequencies are frequent customers. Some of these cases end
up being HF only sources that can't be heard at VHF. Only one of my several
antennas is designed for HF direction finding. It is large and unwieldy.
After reading some old articles about ARDF 80M handheld DF units, I'd like
to find something better suited to my needs. 

I'm curious if anyone on this list has any experience with HF DF antennas of
any sort. For the last several years I've been using the G4TPH magloop for 3
to 21 MHz searching. The loop works well but it is large and a nuisance with
which to work. When I have to take multiple readings/bearings in a fairly
short period, the big magloop is too much trouble. There has to be a better

I've read about products like the National RF Model HFDF and the Cubic
Communications Model HH1307a. Both are active handheld HF DF antennas. The
former retails for about $240 with a full complement of loops while I
haven't found a price yet for the latter. Since the HH1307a is a military
product I can only assume that it is very expensive. 

I wonder, is there anything in the middle?

What tools do other pro's use for HF searching? I have good portable and
handheld receivers. The antenna is the hard part. 

So... do any of you have any experience with the 2 products I've mentioned?
Perhaps one of you can recommend something? 

Thanks for your input. 


Frank N. Haas KB4T
Utility Interference Investigator

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