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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 21:50:53 -0400
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> My understanding is that the usual under-cabinet lighting is low
> voltage. Wonder if the power supplies make noise into the RF
> spectrum?

There is a high probability that they will, they are usually cheap

> Is there any point in talking with the dealer about RFI from the
> General Electric appliances? Or asking for assurance in writing that
> there won't be a problem? I doubt that the people there would have
> any clue about this issue.
> Steve K8JQ

Bring a portable radio to the showroom and test them.

Even so, there are unique variables in your installation, the
proximity to your antennas and gear, variations in manufacturing
components and quality within the same model, and in aging that
could result in immediate and/or long-term variations.

I would be curious to learn if they will warranty RFI quality
and how far they will go to remediate it - e.g. will they cover
removal and replacement (including parts and labor) and for how

Are the locals even authorized to make such a warranty or will
it merely be voided by higher-ups - and be too costly for you to
litigate down the road?


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