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Subject: Re: [RFI] Kitchen remodeling appliances
From: Steve <steve65@suddenlink.net>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:13:08 -0400
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Alll, thanks for the still coming advice.

Making in-store observations with a portable receiver seems to me to be 
of questionable value. The appliances I end up with will come from 
stock, so what one might hear (or not) on a floor display unit may be 
different. Further, most appliances stores have rows and rows of 
appliances, many of them powered. Not to mention all the other 
electrical apparatus in the store. So, given that RF environment, 
determining that a particular appliance is quiet (or not) may not be 

The sales guy I have been dealing with has been to my house. We walked 
through the area of the basement where my radio equipment is located and 
I think he was maybe a little bit impressed and lot overwhelmed by it 
all. Still, it's a basis to discuss RFI with him, although I expect a 
"deer in the headlights" response :-)

Steve K8JQ

On 3/16/2011 9:50 PM, doc@kd4e.com wrote:
>> My understanding is that the usual under-cabinet lighting is low
>> voltage. Wonder if the power supplies make noise into the RF
>> spectrum?
> There is a high probability that they will, they are usually cheap
> switchers.
>> Is there any point in talking with the dealer about RFI from the
>> General Electric appliances? Or asking for assurance in writing that
>> there won't be a problem? I doubt that the people there would have
>> any clue about this issue.
>> Steve K8JQ
> Bring a portable radio to the showroom and test them.
> Even so, there are unique variables in your installation, the
> proximity to your antennas and gear, variations in manufacturing
> components and quality within the same model, and in aging that
> could result in immediate and/or long-term variations.
> I would be curious to learn if they will warranty RFI quality
> and how far they will go to remediate it - e.g. will they cover
> removal and replacement (including parts and labor) and for how
> long?
> Are the locals even authorized to make such a warranty or will
> it merely be voided by higher-ups - and be too costly for you to
> litigate down the road?
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