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[RFI] AT&T DSL converting to U-Verse

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Subject: [RFI] AT&T DSL converting to U-Verse
From: Patrick Dyer <pjdyer@swbell.net>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 05:52:22 -0600
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>From this http://www.att.net/tos2011 it would appear that AT&T will be
converting many of its DSL customers to their U-Verse service and all
the RFI problems that may bring along.

I've had them (as SWBell) as my first (and only) ISP since Jan 1997 and
their DSL service since Jun 2002.

First, I recently learned (indirectly) that they will no longer be
hosting personal Webpages as of Jun 1, so my (now) 15M worth on them
(started Sep 1997) will have to be relocated, and now this.  Maybe it's
time for a new ISP ?

73, Pat - WA5IYX
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