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Subject: Re: [RFI] Invisible Dog Fence
From: Joe Wolfe <w7rkn.7@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 09:47:28 -0700
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About 5 years ago, my neighbor, across the street, put in an Invisible Fence
(@) system for her cats.  Immediately, a loud 'buzzing' (6 - 9 s) was now
heard on 15 through 80 meters.  I called my neighbor and asked if it would
be possible for him to momentarily turn the system off.  He did, and my
noise was gone.  I called the company that installed it and the owner, said
he would be right out.  He was here 30 minutes later, and replaced the
controller.  VOILA',   the noise was gone.  He came over and apologized,
while eyeballing my station.  Mentioned he had always wanted to become a ham
but never had the time.

I gave him a Tech class license study guide I had and about a month later,
he came over and said he had taken his tech test and passed.  Last I heard,
he was hot on upgrading to General, as the CB atmosphere here in my area did
not appeal to him.  I invited him in and we went to 10 meters, which was
open, and he had his first several HF conversation to South America.
Afterwards we talked radios and gave him suggestions on the radios I was
familiar with (Yaesu, Drake, and Kenwood) and gave him phone numbers of ICOM
aficionados' I talk with all the time on 75.

All because of a faulty Invisible Fence controller!

Joe - W7RKN

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Subject: [RFI] Invisible Dog Fence

  Has anyone had any experience with either owned or been in close to
someone's home that incorporated an invisible dog fence of one kind or
another?  I was just informed that my new next door neighbor is going to
have one put down and I am wondering if this is going to be a nightmare or
not...  - Mike 

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