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Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 11:16:32 -0700
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On Mon,5/29/2017 9:58 AM, Kenneth G. Gordon wrote:
Could be the monitor. In my case a new monitor caused considerable RFI.
I think that is the case here. I am going to attack the problem from that end 

Here's lots of practical advice on killing RX noise.


With your new shack computer, I suggest choking all the cables connected to it, starting with the cable between the computer and the monitor, the power cables, USB cables, etc.

An earth ground is vital for lightning safety, but does not matter for noise, nor does it make antennas work better (except for RX antennas that interact with soil to work). What DOES matter (a LOT) is proper and complete BONDING. Bonding is the interconnection of the chassis of every piece of equipment in your station, and the interconnection of that to every ground in your home/building. That bonding is also critical for lightning protection.

Proper grounding and bonding for ham radio is describe here.


The material in these two tutorials are, in large part, the basis for much of N0AX's new ARRL book on Grounding.

73, Jim K9YC

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