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[RFI] FW: wireless power transfer via 160M band

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Subject: [RFI] FW: wireless power transfer via 160M band
From: "Paul Christensen" <pchristensen@ieee.org>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 15:27:05 -0500
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>"Generally it is just a carrier with some low bit rate modulation that
feeds back sync info to the transmitter.  If the receiver and transmitter do
not have their hi Q circuits locked the power transfer efficiency is very
There are schemes that adjust the TX and there are schemes that adjust the
RX or RX's.  The wavelength must be long enough for a receiver to be in the
induction field regardless of where it resides within the home but not so
long that it is impractical to have efficient tuned loops, hence the desire
for 160M."

Since narrow bandwidth is used, it leads me to ask the question:  what is
accomplished between 1710 kHz and 1900 kHz, that cannot be accomplished
between 1710 kHz and 1800 kHz?   Is there hardware available from 160m
vendors that doesn't require self-development?  Regardless of spectrum
non-exclusivity, and unless there's a strong compelling reason, I wouldn't
choose an area of spectrum where thousands of licensees (um, that would be
us) will be looking for any morsel of interference to invoke a "kill switch"
shut down to the experiments and deal with the turmoil surrounding
allegations as fact.   

Just look at what happens on the topband mail lists when someone spots the
2nd harmonic of an AMBC station.  Only one month ago, there were numerous
complaints filed with a station's management and the FCC concerning a
Midwest station I couldn't even see in the evening on a panadapter here in
north Florida. 

Paul, W9AC

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