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Re: [RFI] FM Wireless Mic on 144.160MHz

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Subject: Re: [RFI] FM Wireless Mic on 144.160MHz
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Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 21:42:30 -0400
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It would be interesting to know the manufacturer and model - because if they have it many others may as well - and that could become a problem we need to get ahead of.

I'm sure their sound person will be happy to have the conversation.

73, David KD4E

A local church has a FM microphone that is transmitting on > 144.160MHz, and I can also hear it 20kHz above and below that >
frequency. I'm not sure if 144.160MHz is the principal signal or if > it's some mixing product. Would anyone know what brand/model wireless > microphone would cause this? > > It wasn't much of a problem when they only used it on Sunday > mornings, but they have a ton of activities now and they use that > microphone a lot more. Tonight is movie night and the mic is on... > > 73, --Alex KR1ST
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