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[RTTY] RE: odd signals + recordings

To: RTTY Reflector <rtty@contesting.com>
Subject: [RTTY] RE: odd signals + recordings
From: Phil Cooper <Phil.Cooper@cwgg.cwplc.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 09:37:23 +0100
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Hi all,

The idea of a repository of RTTY signals under diverse conditions sounds
great, and it would be fairly easy for each of us to do a short recording of
such signals (presumably only AFTER we had worked what may be a bit of rare
DX???) and then make them available for others.
Trouble is, how would they get catalogued, and by whom? It would be all too
easy to end up with hundreds of very similar signals.
Having said that, it would be a very useful tool!

As for the best settings for MMTTY under various conditions, I have
generally found the default settings work well enough. If the signal I hear
is so weak that MMTTY isn't decoding it, then there is very little chance of
me being heard by them. 
Maybe if you are calling a big DXpedition, you may get lucky if you know who
it is under the pile, and you can get enough of your own call back to be
happy with the QSO.
The problem with trying to work that rare bit of DX with a faint, fluttery
signal is that by the time you have started to try the various settings, he
has probably gone, stopped transmitting, or conditions have changed.
I did try it with XR0X, but it was more ESP than DSP that got me the
contact, plus the excellent op at the time!
Are you really likely to start playing with various settings during a CQ
session in a contest?

I can see times when it would be very useful, but I somewhat doubt that
there is a "standard" setting for signals with polar flutter for everyone.

I also suspect that the processing power of your PC, and maybe even the
soundcard, might be a contributing factor in some cases.

The other weekend, I was in the shack fairly early on a Sunday morning, and
was just tuning around when I heard a signal with a bit of polar flutter,
and that slightly tinny sound that is usually indicative of a polar signal.
When I tuned it in, I was amazed to see it was 5W0SS calling QRZ UP. I
barely had enough time to set the split and call, let alone play with the
settings, but was lucky enough to get in first call anyway, so it didn't
As it happens, this signal was amazingly strong (a good S8 here), but just
had that hollow ring to it that makes you hopeful of rare DX! 
This was a new country for me, so I was pleased, but I would never have had
chance to play with the settings.

As well as the recordings mentioned, how about adding an example of badly
overdriven signals???

73 for now

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