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Re: [RTTY] Comments on "RigExpert"

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] Comments on "RigExpert"
From: "Neal Campbell" <nealk3nc@peoplepc.com>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 20:07:34 -0000
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I owned a Rigexpert for about 6 months.

I use MixW as my primary 'non-contest' setup. The device integrates very
well with MixW as you would expect. It has a neat feature that lets you
connect your rig/rigexpert on one computer, run MixW on a separate computer
(like you laptop in the living room) and it all works great.

At the time I had it, I was also using a Santa Cruz soundcard and a HAL
DXP38 (on rtty).

I certainly saw no big degradation nor huge improvement of the rigexpert
over the other two digi inputs. The software that makes the rigexpert look
like a 'soundcard' when not using MixW never felt quite right to me. Hence,
its optimized for MixW and it well should be since that's who makes it.

I remember not being happy with the cw keyer but cannot remember why. I am
sure  those who know me will question when I ever tried it HI!

I ended up selling it because I probably play more in contests than casual
PSK qsos and its just more natural to use a real soundcard. I suspect that
the lack of clutter and a 'one box does all' approach is the real selling
point of the rigexpert. I certainly don't think it can justify a huge
performance boost.

By the way, I now own a Microham Microkeyer and it's a real keeper.
Incredibly confusing on getting it set up for the first time, but after that
it's a pure delight.

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I took the liberty of forwarding the message below to you gentlemen for
comment. I have used almost everything HAL ever built along with AEA,
soundblaster, Rigblaster and others but have never used a RigExpert and was
wondering if some of you might comment.

Howard claims below that it copies 100% when sound card devices are copying
nothing really got my attention!

Any of you done a heads up comparison?

Thanks, Ed W4EP

Fwd: Re: [SteppIR] Which is Better?

>I have a RigExpert on one computer and a RigBlaster Plus on a Second 
>computer both connected in parallel through the CT-17 to a Pro 3, PW-1 
>and MonstIR.
>RigExpert is my primary digital mode interface BECAUSE it will decode 
>signals about 6 - 10 db better than the RigBlaster. There is no 
>comparison on really weak signals.. The RigExpert will still decode 
>100% copy when the RigBlaster and MicroHam do not copy anything.
>Reason.. The Rigblaster uses internal sound cards which live in the 
>very noisy environment inside the computer... They suffer from ground 
>loops, noise, artifacts and aliasing that the RIgExpert does not have 
>since it is effectively an external sound card.  Also I like the fact 
>that the RigExpert is a simple single USB connection to the computer 
>(no masses of cables and wires) and does not require physical  tweaking 
>as everything is controlled in software...
>The MicroHam Keyer suffers from the same internal sound card problems 
>that the RigBlaster does.  Think of it as a more expensive RigBlaster 
>with an USB interface.
>I use the RigBlaster primarily as a display driver for Ham Radio Deluxe 
>{I like to have big frequency displays on one of my monitors} .. and 
>some experimentation with SCAMP as RIck Muething has not yet written a 
>SCAMP driver for RigExpert.
>Have recently seen some people experimenting with External 24 bit USB 
>Sound cards...with some apparent success
>Howard S. White Ph.D. P. Eng., VE3GFW/K6  ex-AE6SM  KY6LA "No Good Deed 
>Goes Unpunished"
>Formerly "Awfully Extremely Six Sado Masochist"
>"Krazy Yankee Six Loves America"
>Website: www.ky6la.com
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>   From: Jerry K3BZ
>   To: (Reflector) SteppIR
>   Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 10:49 AM
>   Subject: [SteppIR] Which is Better?
>   I have my SteppIR 3L controller connected thru a CT-17 to an ICOM 
> 756ProII. I'm just starting to get interested in digital modes and 
> have zero experience.  Opinions, please...Which would be a better for 
> me and why.... a Rigblaster Plus, a RigExpert, or a MicroHam?
>   73.  Jerry K3BZ
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