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[RTTY] When did mechanical teleprinters become obsolete?

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Subject: [RTTY] When did mechanical teleprinters become obsolete?
From: "Montemerlo, Robert" <robert.montemerlo@hp.com>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 14:43:22 -0400
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Just in way of a response here, my second job out of school was working
for a company (Wiltek) who replaced teleprinter message networks in
Fortune 500 company with a store and forward terminal and a central
message routing system based on Digital PDP11 computer or IBM mainframe
using a 2780 protocol (error correcting)

We had major penetration into the top worldwide customer base. That was
in 1973-1976.

My next job was with Digital Equipment marketing dot matrix teleprinters
into the Bell Operating Companies through their Purchase Products
Division. We then moved to intelligent terminal in the Late 1970's.

In 1983 came the major commerical thrust with PCs.

So the short answer is over 70's first with end users then direct
against the manufacturer.



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