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Correcting Callsign

Subject: Correcting Callsign
From: (David O. Hachadorian)
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 20:04:35 PST
On Mon, 04 Nov 1996 10:59:33 -0600 Scott Ellington <> 
>Being a total klutz at the keyboard, it's not unusual for me to
>screw up the initial call entry in CQ mode.  So, I send the call
>manually, hit F2, and correct the call while my exchange is going
>out.  Is there a way then to get to the exchange window without 
>the exchange (or anything else), other than "alt-K return"?
>Scott  K9MA

I have this problem also. A year or so ago, Tree told me I
was "fighting the program," and that I should try to go with
the normal flow. That suggestion was actually quite helpful,
and now I make every effort to correct the call in the window,
rather than resorting to my first inclination, which is to reach
for the paddle. If you use autosend character count = 4 and auto
call terminate, it gives you more time to fiddle with the call,
since you don't have to reach across the keyboard to hit the ENTER
key. When all else fails, and the callsign window is screwed up, and
there is an embarrassing delay, I use the paddle and then a quick
ENTER/ESCAPE sequence to get into the exchange window and shut off
the undesired cw sending. It's not too bad if you're quick, and the
vox delay is short, or if you're using ptt. 73.

Dave, K6LL

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