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SS Comments

Subject: SS Comments
From: (Jim Stevens)
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 23:57:26 -0500
I used a FT1000MP with TR for the first time in CW SS.
Man, what a nice radio, but it will take more than
1 test to really learn to use it.

As you probably know, it has dual VFO tune capability
but only on the same band.  I used this capability
to tune for other stations while I CQed on the main
VFO.  Either I couldn't figure it out in the heat of
battle or TR or the radio's computer interface 
doesn't support entering stations into the band map
from the 2nd VFO.  It sure would be nice to map
the band with the 2nd VFO while CQing on the first.
Is this possible given the computer interface?

Other strangees:

- I entered a few stations sections and checks into
TRMASTER.DTA built from AD1C's US/VE database.  I
just wanted to check out the capability (it is
way cool!).  All seemed to be working before the
test with TR putting the data in the EXCHANGE line,
but during the test it didn't put any data into
the EXCHANGE line when I worked one of the stations
that I had entered data for.  Maybe some screw-up
on my part.

- Late in the contest on several occasions, TR just
hung up on sending CW and sent a continuous tone.
ESC would stop the CW, but if I hit another F key
again just continuous tone.  The problem would
start and be constant.  I tried exiting the program
and power off/on the rig, but neither fixed the problem.
The only thing that seemed to fix the problem was just
sending by hand for a minute or two and then going back
to the computer.  Very strange.  BTW, I was using a
notebook computer that is not a burner by today's 
standards (386SX at 25MHz).

Great job Tree on all the recent changes!
Hope you had fun at Pat's.  You sure were

73, Jim, KI4HN
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