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[TRLog] WPX notes.

Subject: [TRLog] WPX notes.
From: (Joseph L. Pontek)
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 00:58:53 -0700
K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:
> I noticed four things during the WPX contest.
> 4)  The program frequently displayed NONSSB ,and logged incorrectly.
> (This is likely also an Icom interface related problem.)  When NONSSB
> was displayed, I could not send CW messages (paddle or keys.)  I also
> could NOT STOP CW from being sent if a message was already in progress.
> In addition, the call would be logged with NONSSB as the band, and
> negative (!) points put in the points column (and appropriately
> subtracted from the score!)  Again, I'm hoping with crossed fingers
> on the Icom problems getting fixed.
> Other than that, 6.26 worked pretty well.  TR-Log is still the
> best contest logging program around.
> -Kirk  K4RO
I noticed the NONSSB, also. I was running 6.20, not interfaced to
my radio (FT-990), though I saw this when operating in DXpedition
mode in Belize and was interfaced to the FT-990. I was not using
CW keyiing either. This problem has been occurring during several
versions. My computers are, in each case, a 386SX-33. At first,
I thought it was an interface problem with the radio, but not this
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