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[TRLog] Band Changes

Subject: [TRLog] Band Changes
From: (
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 03:44:58 -0600
>> I know my awareness and snap were not operating at the peak level
>> they usually are, but did I see the rate window change to band
>> changes when I changed bands?  Or did I dream it? I never could
>> make it show up when I wanted it to.  I even tried it a while ago
>> and could not make it happen.
>I've seen this before.  As I remember, it's usually after a restart,
>but I've never really detected what I'd call a pattern.  It's rare,
>so I don't worry about it.

We didn't restart at all and saw it probably at least 50 times.  It is rare
and completely unobtrusive, so we didn't worry about it either.


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