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[TRLog] TRLog and Win98

Subject: [TRLog] TRLog and Win98
From: (Dave_K9NX)
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 01:31:53 +0000
At 12:41 AM 11/18/98 +0000, Alan Braun wrote:
>I've had no trouble running tr on a win98 machine.  You do need to change
>the "path" statement in the autoexec.bat file to include the directory where
>you have tr installed.  

The path statement is not necessary. You can simply create a shortcut to
TRLog on the desk top. If you use the browse command when creating the
shortcut and point it the directory where TRLog is installed  WIN98  does
the rest for you. 

>The main flaw to running tr in a window is that
>win98 has a tendency to write to cache and do other system housekeeping
>chores at inconvenient times.  You don't notice this running a normal
>application, but if it does so while you're sending a cw message, the cw
>speed goes down to 5 wpm very quickly! 

Hmmm I run TRlog under WIN98 on a P2-220 MMX machine with 64MB of RAM this
never happens to me. I notice a very slight slowdown maybe from 30WPM to
say 27WPM when writing the "back-up log" to floppy..... I used to run TRLog
under WIN95 on 486DX66 the slow down was more noticeable but not
objectionable. May be a way to resolve this in WIN98 setup in your case.

> Your best bet is to boot to DOS, or
>boot an older version of DOS such as 6.22 from a floppy (but that won't work
>if you're using FAT32).  You won't want to run tr from a desktop shortcut
>because you will be starting it from a different directory each time.

I respectfully disagree (to each his own) Why start from a different
directory each time?  Run from the TRLog home directory and move the log,
logcfg etc.,files to a separate directory for posterity AFTER the contest. 

>Editing the autoexec.bat file can be done by going to a dos window and
>typing "Edit autoexec.bat" while in the C:\ directory.  If you don't
>currently have one this will make it for you.

Ding Dong DOS is Dead, some day even Tree will figure that one out. No
offense intended Tree, I hope you live long enough to dance (or whatever
else your imagination desires) on Bill Gates grave for abandoning DOS, but
eventually this will catch up with TRLog as well. ....Hmmmm I wonder if
TRLog is year2000 compatible..gotta go check that out......(anybody already
tested this?)


The bad news.....Life is hard
The good news...Life is short
The moral....... Eat desert first, chase DX and Women, contest often 

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