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[TRLog] ESC key blues

Subject: [TRLog] ESC key blues
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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:18:16 EST
After using TR 6.35 this weekend I was reminded of some recent discussion on
this reflector concerning the means to exit S&P mode. The biggest problem I
had was with the ESC key causing unwanted return to CQ mode. I am now strongly
in favor of disabling ESC for this purpose or letting it be a config option.
For us pop-guns in contests like ARRL_DX S&P is not a sub-mode of CQ to be
ESC'ed from, it is the only viable mode. I found myself developing a
conditioned reflex to slam ESC when something went awry, which it did about
once an hour. The most common failure came when I used F2 to send the exchange
instead of ENTER to also log the contact, usually because I was not completely
sure of the info. Sometimes a subsequent ENTER simply logged the contact,
while other times it also started to send the exchange again. I was never able
to understand the logic for this circumstance. A couple of desperate jabs at
ESC and the next guy was likely to get a CQ instead of my call. Ouch. Jab-jab
again. Ouch again; sore index finger. Since TAB gets you into S&P, it is
logical to have Shift-TAB get you out. I would love to have another key
labeled. "Gee, this freq sounds clear. I think I'll try a CQ right now and see
what happens" to drop you into CQ mode and start CQ with one stroke. Of course
it might be hard to fit the label on a template..

An unrelated issue concerning the smileys for new multipliers: Great new
feature, but it sure would be nice to have a way to refresh the screen after
new mults are worked. Mis-keys aside, the program worked flawlessly and was a
joy to use. I more than doubled my score from last year. OK, maybe sunspots
had a little something to do with it?

Carl, KU2N

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