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[TRLog] Automatic frequency input for F Keys

Subject: [TRLog] Automatic frequency input for F Keys
From: (Jack Fleming)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 21:59:27 -0800

Here's something to add to the list...

At W7RM last weekend (where version 6.55 worked flawlessly except for some 
computer rf problems and operator errors...) I thought it would be neat to 
program an Alt-F key to say something like, "TU PSE QSY 21070 21070 TU" and 
have the frequency be the frequency of one of our other stations in the 
multi-multi network.  I don't think TR can do it automatically (and we 
didn't actually have all the stations computer controlled anyway...) but it 
would be neat if we could put in some command to have it automatically grab 
the frequency of the 15 meter station  - something like "TU PSE QSY <15> 
<15> TU" (or something similar) .  I could set up Alt-F keys to 
automatically ask a station to QSY to any of the various frequencies where 
we had stations and where we needed the mult (one Alt-F key for 10, another 
for 15, another for 20, etc).  This would eliminate the need to type in the 
frequency (or the patented WA0RJY fumble with the paddle) after looking at 
the frequency on the bandmap at the bottom of the screen.

Make sense?

Jack, WA0RJY (K7ED in most contests)

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