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[TRLog] newbie question

Subject: [TRLog] newbie question
From: (KL7RA)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 13:04:23 -0800
>Here is my question-once you are done with a contest 
>and want to get back to the main menu where you select
> another contest, how do you get there?  Thank you in 
>advance for your help
> 73, Dave, NC6P.

Hi Dave, welcome to TRLog.

You will get several solutions to your question, here is 
one way to do it.

You are running TRLog from the \log directory with one
logcfg.dat or "name of contest".cfg. TR is just grabbing it
and starting the program. 

Do this:
Copy the logcfg.dat or "name of contest".cfg file to another
name.cfg. This will cause TR to display the "pick a file" 
text and you can hit F1 to start a new contest. 

TR allows you to keep all the contests in one directory and
will ask you which one you wish to use. I don't find this to
useful as I enter many contests a year.

I use the old method where in the log directory which contains 
TRLog and all its files I have added the directory called "contests". 
>From that directory I start each contest from its own directory 
which contains the logcfg.dat file needed to identify the contest. I 
have C:\log in the DOS path statement so I can run TRLog from 

Each of these contests logcfg.dat contain the command:
"input config file = c:\log\so2r.cfg"
In the directory \log I have a file called so2r.cfg that contains all
the common equipment setup commands used by each contest. 
I also have the STD file which contains the color displays I prefer
and the unique band.cfg files I need for a multi-op setup.

All of this is in the front of the manual, well explained. 

73 Rich KL7RA  

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