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[TRLog] newbie question

Subject: [TRLog] newbie question
From: (David Ashworth)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 19:13:31 +0100
Hello, I am new to this list and TR.  I purchased a copy a few days ago and
have been learning how to use the program.  I have been reading the manual
that is on the internet until my store bought copy comes in the mail.  I
have setup the Washington Salmon Run and Texas QSO Party and can understand
them.  Once a contest is setup, it always seems to come back even when I
have done the post contest stuff.  Here is my question-once you are done
with a contest and want to get back to the main menu where you select
another contest, how do you get there?  Thank you in advance for your help
73, Dave, NC6P.

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