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[TRLog] newbie question

Subject: [TRLog] newbie question
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 21:55:34 -0700
Hi David,

Let's suppose you have set up your contest in a directory called Log. 
 If you make Log the current directory (you see something like C:\Log) 
and type the characters "TR" (no quotes) you will see TRLog startup just 
as you described.  However, if you type "TR new" (no quotes) TR will ask 
you if you want to set up a new contest.  Type Y and go ahead and set up 
the contest.

The next time you type "TR" when Log is the current directory TR will 
allow you to choose one of the two contests you now have set up in Log. 
 Want to set up another contest?  Type "TR new" again.

After a while you will probably get tired of having all the contests in 
the same directory and you will set up a contest directory with all 
kinds of sub-directories for the individual contests and whether they 
are ssb or cw and summer or winter, etc. - at least you will if you are 
as anal as I am.  My contest directory has 142 sub-directories with 
about 20 MB of files in them.  Sure wouldn't want all that in one directory.

Lots of ways of doing things.  This is one.

Have fun with TR.  It's a great contest logging program.  I would 
encourage you to explore the use of stdcfg.dat.  You can put in all the 
common cfg file statements in it and it will load them into every new 
contest cfg file you set up.  Saves a lot of time entering the same old 
stuff over and over when setting up contests.  If you want some help 
with this, let me know (direct).

Hope this helps.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

David Ashworth wrote:

>Hello, I am new to this list and TR.  I purchased a copy a few days ago and
>have been learning how to use the program.  I have been reading the manual
>that is on the internet until my store bought copy comes in the mail.  I
>have setup the Washington Salmon Run and Texas QSO Party and can understand
>them.  Once a contest is setup, it always seems to come back even when I
>have done the post contest stuff.  Here is my question-once you are done
>with a contest and want to get back to the main menu where you select
>another contest, how do you get there?  Thank you in advance for your help
>73, Dave, NC6P.
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