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[TRLog] rotator control

Subject: [TRLog] rotator control
From: (KL7RA)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 23:03:45 -0800
> > Multiple rotator test report for the Idiom press Rotor-EZ:
> Aren't you far enough north that you can just point your 
> antennas south to work most everyone?
> Tree

I'm shifted 90 degrees West of North America and nothing is
South of me except KC4AAA. I beam due East to work USA
and North over the pole to Europe. This is the land of the fixed
stacks and 40 over nine UA0's.

I do need to swing my beam around the first hop zone of 1500 
miles to work all those stations but then there are only nine of 
them so I guess you are right, kind of dumb after all. Sigh!

73 Rich KL7RA 

ps  first snow last Thursday evening, didn't stick. 

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