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[TenTec] Pegasus Programmin Specification, Downloadable

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] Pegasus Programmin Specification, Downloadable
From: nj4f@erols.com (Steve Bookout)
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 09:12:07 -0400
Hello all,

If commands are available to access the needed features of both the Omni 
and the Kenwood, then both are really fine.  What I personally see is that 
the Kenwood command set is done in ASCII, not binary, and is a bit 
'quicker' to understand.  You can troubleshoot a Kenwood easily with any 
communications program and an available com port.
And, the Kenwood command set does not change from rig to rig, as Icoms and 
Yaesu's are prone to do.  This a most frustrating thing.

Bottom line is Kenwood command sets are easy to look at and understand, if 
you are a person with average intelligence.  I think, for the most part, 
that all different brands can be made to work, it just is more time 
consuming work with some.
However, I have found that for some rigs, really needed commands (like 
setting split on/off) have been left out of the RS 232 command set 
entirely.  I can only believe this was an accidental omission, since they 
may appear in previous and later versions.

These are my own observations and opinions.

73 de Steve, NR4M

At 07:44 AM 10/07/1999 , Steve Baron - KB3MM wrote:

>A little confusing..
>Is TRLog saying they will not support the oMNI VI ?  And TT should make it
>like the 850 ?
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>From: Dale L. Martin <kg5u@hal-pc.org>
>To: tentec@contesting.com <tentec@contesting.com>
To: <tentec@contesting.com>
>Date: October 07, 1999 12:28 PM
>Subject: Re: RE: [TenTec] Pegasus Programmin Specification, Downloadable
> >
> >  Software is a main product of Ten Tec, has
> >>been for some time.
> >
> >Larry, et al,
> >It's been a product of their hardware for some time.  I'm not
> >sure it might be viewed (even by them?) as a "main" product.
> >
> >Larry Tyree, N6TR, writer of TRLog contest logging software has
> >for a long, long time wished Ten-Tec would change their code.
> >
> >Witness this recent (last night) posting of his reply to a TRLog
> >subscriber:
> >
> >Quote
> >> I am really enjoying the enhanced control that TRLog gives me
> >with my
> >> newly-acquired TS-850 compared to my Omni VI. One thing that I
> >have
> >> noticed, though, is that when I am in the S&P mode and use the
> >shift keys
> >> to change frequency, the rig makes annoying "beeps", which make
> >it
> >> difficult to hear the signals you are trying to tune in. Is
> >there some way
> >> to turn this off on the 850, or is it a TRLog "feature"?
> >
> >You need to disable the beeps in the 850.  I forget if it is a
> >volume control inside the radio that you need to turn down - or
> >if it can be disabled with one of the menus.
> >
> >At least that is better than having to put a piece of black tape
> >on
> >the front panel of the Yaesu radios!
> >
> >About the Omni VI - I still wish TenTec would adopt the Kenwood
> >format
> >as an option.  It isn't that hard to implement two command sets
> >and
> >let the user decide.  This would open to door up to making the
> >Omni
> >VI play with TR Log as well as the 850.
> >
> >Tree
> >unquote
> >
> >Apparently, there are things in software that can and cannot be
> >done with the firmware the Omni VI contains.  It is a bit
> >disconcerting to see and hear about the 'other guys' ability to
> >do things and the Omni VI can't (Shift keys have no effect on my
> >Omni VI).  I guess we're back to the "better receiver"
> >comparison.
> >
> >73,
> >dale, kg5u
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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