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[TenTec] New QRP Radio

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Subject: [TenTec] New QRP Radio
From: wb2vuf@qsl.net ( Bob, WB2VUF)
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 07:53:38 -0500
Yes, I think that it is worth waiting for. The new rig should be a
worthy replacement for the popular Scout. General coverage receive is a
big plus. When you're out in the wilds, you can still get all the
international news, and set your watch by WWV!

Competition in the radio market will be tough, though. It looks like the
new rig is designed to compete directly with the K2. Although the price
is right, I don't see this new rig competing directly against the IC-706
and FT-817, both of which seem to be extremely popular. I don't know if
SGC and Patcom are serious competitors.

I would have liked to see this rig run a little more power, like about
20 watts. I have my doubts that 5 W is enough for mobile and SSB use,
though 5 W in my experience is adequate for portable CW operation. Maybe
users could add one of the outboard Ramsey Electronics 20 linear amp

Then Tec is certainly leading the way in "software defined radios". If
software updates include digital mode capability, they will really have
a winner.

Except for my doubts about power limitation, I would consider replacing
my trusty Scout with the new rig. I hope Ten Tec gives it a catchy
adventuresome name. (I liked the Corsair and Scout names).


                                Bob WB2VUF

Chris Robson wrote:
> The New QRP rig can't come out soon enough for me.  I have just been
> overjoyed with my new Jupiter and am looking for another Ten Tec Rig to add
> to the collection.  This new QRP in the making sounds so sweet, just what I
> am looking for those road trips and Camping expeditions.
> The Jupiter as exceeded all my expectations and I really believe the newest
> member of the family will be just as exciting, almost like a new arrival to
> the family,but do we have to wait 9 months before it arrives??
> 73, Chris KB3A
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