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[TenTec] New QRP Radio

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Subject: [TenTec] New QRP Radio
From: w2agn@pobox.com (W2AGN)
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 12:57:43 -0500
On Friday 23 November 2001 12:16, Chris Robson wrote:
> Everyone must remember that Ten Tec did QRP before QRP was Cool.  Us "old
> timers" remember the 505, 509, 515.  What Great QRP Rigs! They were
> forerunners to the QRP revolution.
> 73, Chris KB3A


My first QRP rig back in 1972 was a second-hand Argo 505, which I still have 
and use. I couldn't believe it, after having run a pair of 4-400's for years, 
and rarely less than 100 watts. (licensed in 1958). I worked a bunch of DX on 
QRP SSB with that rig, even before I got the CW bug back.

Now also have an Argo 515 and an Argo II (which is a SUPER rig!), besides the 
usual assortment any upright QRPers has (K2, K1, SG2020, FT-817, PC-9000, 
NC40, SSTs, etc, etc.) I am looking forward to adding the new Argonaut III. 
(Whatever they name it, it will always be an Argonaut, in my mind).
      John L Sielke   W2AGN

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