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[TenTec] New QRP Radio

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Subject: [TenTec] New QRP Radio
From: n9avg@home.com (Jeff Davis)
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 08:52:50 -0500
I don't see how this rig "competes" with the K2. The Elecraft radio is a
kit. I'd guess that better than half of the K2ers bought the radio because
they could build it themselves, a nearly forgotten ham radio concept. I know
that is why I bought mine (K2 #524).

If the new TT radio is as large as the 6N2 then it won't compete with the
817 either. That radio is meant for the "pick up and go" crowd, a growing
segment of the hobby.

It would seem that this new TenTec offering is their way of entering the
very successful world of QRP and to do it in a somewhat new way, with their
DSP technology.

TenTec aficionados will likely pick this one up as a nice addition to the
shack and if even just a small percentage of the QRPers decide to give it a
whirl it could very well be a success. The QRP crowd is notorious for
wanting to own one of everything (if it is cheap enough) and so I'm sure
they will buy it and try it. Whether or not they keep it depends on how well
the radio performs.

73 de Jeff, N9AVG

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> Competition in the radio market will be tough, though. It looks like the
> new rig is designed to compete directly with the K2. Although the price
> is right, I don't see this new rig competing directly against the IC-706
> and FT-817, both of which seem to be extremely popular. I don't know if
> SGC and Patcom are serious competitors.

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