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[TenTec] USB -> RS232

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Subject: [TenTec] USB -> RS232
From: WA3FIY@radioadv.com (WA3FIY)
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 09:12:36 -0400
Hello Mark,

Yes, I ran into a similar problem a few months ago.   Tried five 
different USB/RS-232 adaptors without success.  Each one 
failed in a different way.   Finally hit pay dirt with a BAFO BF-
810, which happened to be one of the lower cost units I tried.  It 
has worked well now for several months with the following 
limitation.  To get the computer and Pegasus talking to each 
other, I must first start the N4PY software and then turn the 
radio on.  If I have the radio on before starting the software, 
communications is not established.   I can live with that.   :-)   
The same is true for Ten Tec software.

I now have a BAFO 7 port USB hub in line with the BF-810 and 
all is well.

Good luck on your search.   


On 12 Jul 2002 at 8:22, Mark Erbaugh wrote:

> Has anyone had any luck using a USB -> RS232 converter to control a
> Pegasus? I've tried both the TT software and N4PY and they refuse to
> establish communications with the Pegasus. If I reconfigure them to
> use a 'real' COM port, all works FB.
> I've tried connecting the USB -> RS232 converter both to the USB port
> on the computer directly and through an externally powered 4 port hub.
> The particular converter is a GoldX GXUSB-1200 and I've tried two
> different units with the same results.
> I also tried hooking up my Rascal computer -> PTT interface to see if
> the GoldX converters could control that and that does seem to work.
> They can control PTT using either RTS or DTR lines.
> Mark
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