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Re: [TenTec] fuzzy sidetone, tuning freeze

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] fuzzy sidetone, tuning freeze
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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 20:40:53 +0000
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Hi Buck; Knowing the level of responsiveness from the factory, I'm sure they 
are working on the sidetone fuzzies and any other problems that have been 
brought to their attention. 

I do notice a bit of fuzziness on the studio monitors myself. I'm not 
absolutely sure I would like either a pure sine wave, a square wave, or 
something in between better than the current sidetone, but that's beside the 
issue. It does bother some and that's a reason to fix it.

On the leaving the Orion on by itself - my wife and I are both extra class 
hams, and we keep the house locked, but I cannot guarantee that no one will 
break in and violate FCC rules in our absence. So when we leave the shack 
unattended for more than a few minutes we turn the rig off and put the key to 
the antenna switches in our pockets. So I have not noticed our Orion freezing 
up. But if Ten Tec can make one do that long enough to figure out what causes 
it I'm sure the first subsequent firmware upgrade will take care of that 
problem too. 

Bottom line - I wouldn't be too concerned because I'm sure the factory will 
take care of it. If I weren't I wouldn't be working on a two Orion cabinet! 

73  Pete Allen  AC5E

> Well, the credit card bill arrived and the thirty days is almost up.  Time to 
> decide: should it stay or should it go?  I am getting over some of my earlier 
> gripes but I have two more issues:
> 1. Fuzzy sidetone in the headphones.  It comes and goes.  It can be fixed by 
> turning the radio off/on but sometimes it takes several tries before the 
> fuzziness goes away.
> 2.  Tuning lock.  If the radio is left alone for a few hours, when I return, 
> sometimes the tuning locks.  Spinning the knob makes the numbers on the 
> display change but the VFO is not tuning.  Turning off/on solves this one.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Radio k4ia
> Craig "Buck"
> Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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