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First, never believe any thing that any individual may say on any reflector
whether its positive or negative.  

Next, determine if there is any kind of pattern or logic in the general
population of statements/claims be made, whether positive or negative.

My observation is that most hams tend to have negative outlook (my opinion
of being a ham for 41 years)

Then make your decision.

I have an Orion, and it is the best rig that I have had ..... I really do
not have the problems that the folks are discussing.  I could repeat some of
the quirkier issues (repeatable over a large population) from the past.

Compared to my last four non software based radios (Kenwoods TS930 and
TS940, and Icoms Ic-765 and IC775DSP,  I got to pay big time for the
privilege of fixing design or manufacturing flaws in three of those models.

My opinion is that you will be very happy with the Orion and should consider
it the Number 1 choice.


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wb5oxq@grandecom.net writes:
I am trying to save up money to buy an Orion and these emails are
discouraging.  I do not contest, work cw, or do fancy things, I just want a
great quiet receiver and if this is better than my Omni 6+ I still think I
want one!
I just got mine a couple of weeks ago ... I work SSB, CW and PSK31 mostly
and some other modes infrequently ... my Omni VI+ fully filtered was a great
radio on CW, OK on SSB and didn't have general coverage.  The Orion is, in
my opinion, better than my Omni VI+.  Over the last 2 weekends, in side by
side SUBJECTIVE comparison, it appears to have a better receiver for weak
signal work than my FT-1000 MP Mark 5.  The learning curve on set up and
operation is a bit steep ... lots of stuff to set and then tweak and then
think about and maybe tweak again.  There are lots of folks on this
reflector and at Ten-Tec who will help us through this learning time.  That
said, I've had NONE of the problems mentioned recently on the reflector
HOWEVER I don't think I have a very complicated or demanding set up ... at
least not like some of the more experienced users may have ... Just the
Orion, an Alpha 87A keyed through Keying Loop #1, a Carolina Windom 160 and
a plain old reliable Mosley TA-33M beam.  I contest infrequently on both CW
and SSB but I do enjoy weak signal work and short wave listening ... my
Orion works great for what I use it for.

All that verbiage to say ... I like my Orion and I'm glad I bought it!  If
that helps you in your decision making ... SUPER! 

73 de Mike W9MWS
Fort Wayne, IN
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