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Subject: [TenTec] Orion Mic Woe's
From: "NJ0IP" <Rick@DJ0IP.de>
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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 08:10:55 -0800
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Gentlemen, forget the "theory" and focus on practice.


I have just disassembled my 30 year old Shure 444 and as I suspected, it has
both grounds tied together to pin 2.  

To be exact, pin 2 has the cable shield attached and the "mic-" and "PTT
Gnd"  are both tied to this.  

There is yet another unused wire in the cable which I could use for the mic-
but I still face one more problem:

How on earth do you make a good electrical and mechanical connection to the
4-pole plug's case?

This has not been provisioned for.

I thought maybe my old plug was outdated, so I inspected the new plug that
shipped with my Orion and it is exactly the same.

The only way I see to do this is to run the shield back along the outside of
the cable and secure with the strain release.


Anyone else been there and done?





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