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Re: [TenTec] Omni V + VI SSB audio filters

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni V + VI SSB audio filters
From: "Darwin, Keith" <Keith.Darwin@goodrich.com>
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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:06:58 -0500
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Hang on to those Inrad 2.8 filters!  Why?  Glad you asked ...

I too have an Omni V (2 of 'em in fact).  I've done a lot of A/B
listening tests with the stock 2.4 vs 2.8 filters on SSB.  This was done
with the filters in the same radio so that is eliminated as a variable.
Anyway what I found is the 2.8 filters initially don't sound much
different than the 2.4 but that opinion changes the more I use them.
The 2.4's sound rather DX or contest-like to me.  They feel rather
narrow and I sometimes have a bit of trouble copying signals through
them due to limited bandwidth.  The 2.8 filters really open the audio up
and make voices sound, well, like people.  The difference under
headphones wasn't as great, but through the external TT speaker, well,
the difference is rather noticeable.

My advise to you is open the rig up, plug those Inrad 2.8's into their
slots and put the TT 2.4's into the "narrow" slots right next to them.
Then spend time listening.  Switch from 2.4 & Narrow off to 1.8 & Narrow
on (i.e from 2.8 to 2.4) and see what you think.  I do 90% CW and was
planning to sell the Inrads since they were not needed, but after doing
the test I'm keeping them.  They really do sound that nice and when I
work SSB I want it to sound nice :-)

I have yet to hook a mic to the rig so I have no idea what happens to TX
audio, but I can't help but think it has to be good.

My rig has the following filters:
  9 MHz:    Inrad 2.8 + TT 2.4 (in narrow slot)
  6.3 MHz:  Inrad 2.8 + TT 2.4 (in 1.8), TT 500, TT 250.

- Keith KD1E -

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Well, I just got an Omni V, 705 mic, and 761 pwr supply. It came in Ten
Tec Box with all the padding, indistinguishable from a new radio.  In
the flush of the moment, and experiencing my first dose of Ten Tec
fever, I bought a couple of Inrad 2.8 khz filters before even
seeing/listening to the new Omni. I did this because I had read
somewhere, that it really makes a worthwhile difference on the Omni V.
When I got the Omni, it did so much more, and sounded so much better
than I expected for my money, that I'm thinking it's fine just the way
it is!  The radio came with slots full except one:  The CW narrow.  I
ordered an Inrad 600hz to fill the final slot on New Years day, during
Inrads New Year day sale, for $60. My prime interest is CW. But when
Band conditions are good I do enjoy short Phone DX contacts.  So if it
would make my signal easier to copy in weak conditions, it's probally
worth it to me. Right now everyone reports my audio as sounding great.
It's my only radio, so it needs to fantastic on CW (no problem there!)
and pretty darn good on SSB. If anyone needs the pair of
2.4 khz SSB Ten Tec filters, or would like the Inrad
2.8 khz SSB set for the bodacious fullest audio, let me know, I could go
either way at this point. I have a
shure 444, and I'll try that tip.      Randy   KE7DFP 

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