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Subject: Re: [TenTec] openwire feed OT
From: "HUGHESRO" <ROGERH@realtracs.com>
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:53:59 -0600
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I've did that on g5rv type and full wave loop. Feed 450 ohm ladder to piece of 
1 inch pvc pipe with caps on each end and so239 in bottom and line thru slit in 
top sealed with silicone. I did not hve any rfi and I'm sure not techn correct 
but put lots of dx in log with 100 watts. It loaded up really well to mfj tuner 
well grounded. My loops tend not to stay up to long. Am in long valley and wind 
is sometimes really bad. Gud luck. Also on topic they were hooked to ten tecs. 
Oh that soft, easy cw sound on a super quiet freguency. It's the sound of 
heaven on earth. A little much I guess. Roger in tn w4iv.
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From: "Paul DeWitte K9OT" <k9ot@mhtc.net>
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Date:  Tue, 31 Jan 2006 11:49:29 -0600

>I would like to reopen the discussion on getting open wire into the shack.
>A while back there was quite a discussion on wheather to use a 4-1 or a 1-1
>balun when going to coax from open wire outside the shack and then running
>coax in to a tuner.
>No one mentioned just hooking the coax direct to the open wire without a
>First I realize that you are going from balanced to unbalanced. How would
>this differ from feeding a dipole direct with coax and not using a balun at
>the feed point?
>I would like to put up a temporary loop and it is not feasable to run
>openwire in to the shack. But I would like to feed it with open wire from
>the loop to where it comes into the house (cheaper than buying more coax).
>So I am looking for suggestions.
>Since I am all T T it is only partly off topic.
>73 Paul K9OT
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