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Re: [TenTec] Lowest loss matching an antenna for my Argonaut

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Lowest loss matching an antenna for my Argonaut
From: "Dr. Gerald N. Johnson" <geraldj@storm.weather.net>
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Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 17:27:02 -0600
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On Sat, 2008-05-10 at 15:41 -0700, Jim WA9YSD wrote:
> Thank you Doc Jerry.  50 pairs of them, go figure.  Who would have thought.

It takes a significant fraction of a quarter wavelength to make a really
noticeable change in the impedance. At maybe 5/8" of mismatched section,
50 pairs makes almost 32", might be noticeable on 10 meters, but not on
80 meters.
> How long after HP bought the company was the Q meter still being used as a 
> standard test instrument ?

Last I looked HP was still making a Q meter, didn't look like my Boonton
170 or 260, but gives the same results. Also a vector impedance meter
and a component meter. Still the results can be had in inductance and Q
because commercial RF coils are still specified by inductance and Q.
Which is important because coil Q is important to the design of filters
and the low Q of today's tiny coils makes it hard to design narrow band
filters that don't have excessive transmission losses.
>  Keep The Faith, Jim K9TF/WA9YSD
73, Jerry, K0CQ

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