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[TenTec] RX320D software download

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Subject: [TenTec] RX320D software download
From: John Henry <jhenry@tentec.com>
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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 08:52:19 -0500
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Hi Bill,
Glad you found a way to get the RX320 software.
On the website that was mentioned, you can hover over the link, right
click, and save as. That method works well on most windows versions.

N4PY also works well with the RX320D, as I'm sure others do as well.

And yes, we will still service the RX320D.
Only time we will have a problem is if we end up finding a part that needs
replaced that is obsolete and we don't have anymore parts in stock. I can't
vouch for it without checking the service department to see if there are
any parts we can't get, but I believe the RX320D is safe for the time being.

Just a note on emailing .exe's and .zips.
I do it all of the time even though most email servers don't permit .exes,
zips, .infs, etc.
Rename an exe to .exx and email it, then the person downloading it will
need to rename it to .exe.
Same for zips. I usually rename it to .zap,
Just let the guy know you are sending it to that it needs to be renamed.

Thanks, and 73,
John Henry, KI4JPL
TEN-TEC Engineering
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