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Re: [TenTec] Yamaha CM500 headset and Orion II

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Yamaha CM500 headset and Orion II
From: Richards <jrichards@k8jhr.com>
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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 08:46:52 -0500
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On 12/14/2013 10:14 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
No PAD should be needed. The mic is fairly high output, but I've never
seen a rig that couldn't be turned down enough.

I chance to disagree with just this one minor point ... and offer my Omni VII and Orion II as an example. On the Omni VII one has to turn the AF-GAIN down to nearly 1 or maybe 2 before it does not cause the ALC light to come on all the time. Similarly on a pair of Orion IIs - one mine and another in a contest shack - although it was not as drastic on that rig as it is on the Omni VII.

Still, I venture to recommend a voltage divider or simple L or T pad to reduce the inherently high output which cuts it down to approximately what the rig sees from a typical dynamic mic cartridge. This gives the ALC more headroom to do its magic. I believe crowding it down to very low AF-GAIN kinda crowds the ALC so that it can be difficult to set -i.e., it is either all on or all off, and on my Omni VII, the mice is either on or off by the 2% setting and ALC is on all the time at that setting.

Thus, it is my opinion, an attenuator pad is a good idea, and makes the mic appear to the rig more like a dynamic mic (which I believe it is designed to expect most often.)

Just MY take...

(He said donning his Teflon suit... anticipating castigation for his decadent viewpoint ! ;-)

        (Said in good humor!)      ;-)

I am not entirely alone in my view. The editorial staff at QST thought it worthy of consideration... and the guys at the contest shack don't disagree, either. ;-) ;-)

Happy trials, y'all.

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