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Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 22:07:11 +0200
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You might like it but it Mike, makes no business sense.

I was talking to one of my business competitors and he told me he has sold
over 100 ICOM 7300 transceivers in the past two months.  THAT makes good
business sense.  A 6N2 is probably the last thing Ten-Tec needs to build.
How many will they sell per year? 5? It was never a super rig, just a good

I had a long and interesting phone call with Mike Dishop yesterday and I
took away a few points:
> The man is committed and in it for the long term.

> He is paying cash as he goes and will not get himself into the financial
nightmare that Ten-Tec was in during the past two years.

> He is going to run the business to make a profit so that they can stay in

> He is doing his best to try and service everything he possibly can,
regardless of age but we must all be willing to pay for that service.  And
of course availability of spar parts will be the final determining factor,
not policy.  After all, very few other companies (none?) even make an effort
here!  Kudos to Mike and Ten-Tec.

> Yesterday Mike purchased a Pic'n'place machine to populate PC boards.  It
will be used to manufacture the PC boards for the Ten-Tec radios, though it
initially will be located in Ohio.  That's because there is no room for it
in the current Ten-Tec (rented) facility.

> He is buying (not renting) a new facility for Ten-Tec - much larger than
the place they are currently renting.  Production will begin after they move
into the new facility.

Things are progressing but we must stop expecting miracles.
After all, Rome was not destroyed in a single day!

73 - Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)

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Don't forget the TT 526 6N2.  It is a great rig and is a rare find on the
used market.  TT might do well to resurrect it from the "ashes."
      Mike, n8ttr

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