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TopBand: N7CKD's Topband Frequency Allocations

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Subject: TopBand: N7CKD's Topband Frequency Allocations
From: (Dennis G. Peterson)
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 16:24:10 EST
Hi all;  I know this may upset a few as to what I am about to propose,
but I feel at this time if we are to make any headway towards a better
Topband and better operating practices as well as operator; then if I can
contribute just a little towards this concept then I feel I will have at
least done my part.  In the past I have charged for copies of my
FREQUENCY ALLOCATIONS LISTING  simply to help me recoup some of my
expenses.  Now a few have complained that the paper was made of GOLD or
some other sort of precious metal and that the price was too high.  Well,
I thought the prices were quite modest to say the least; but as
everything else goes there are those that seem to complain even when the
sun shines as well as when $100 dollars is placed in their mits.
        This morning while attempting to listen in the JA window, I kept
hearing ssb signals and was never able to hear any JA's so I decided to
switch over to ssb to see if I could find out where the signals were
coming from.  Well, to make a long story short, there were 3 operators on
ssb and when I informed them as to their presence in the JA window and
asked if they were aware that this was a JA window they replied No they
didn't and qsyed to 1925.  Well, I decided to listen in to see or at
least make sure that I didn't offend anyone with my approach.  I
immediately found out that I was being labeled a killocycle cop and that
didn't set too well with me.  Well, a station in New York I think it was
W2VO not sure and he proceded to explain to them the jsutification of my
statements.  He agreed with them on some of their reasoning and his as
well.  Later I broke back in to reaffirm myself and to defend my position
and to ascert that I was in no way a killocycle cop.  Needlesstosay,
after about 45 minutes to an hour of qso, I made three new friends of
whom all three want to meet me personally I will do so at an upcoming
hamfest in February.
        I would like to offer my table of Frequency Allocations to this
Reflector for posting as it is in ascii text format in Dos.  I have sent
portions of it to this reflector before with updates but with the entire
file I don't know if it is possible here.  I would like it to be used as
 Yes there will be those who simply don't give a hoot and will do their
best to abuse the information; but let's all be real!  Rules and
Regulations and pertinent information as to operating practices and
procedures are made for the HONEST People anyway and the CROOKS and
IDIOTS are going to ignore them anyway.  But just maybe by SETTING
EXAMPLES some of the good and procedural behavior may Simply rub off.  
If the administrators to this reflector can offer any suggestions to my
FREE OFFER please respond to my e-mail address.  The same applies to
anyone else who may have good input.  I'm sorry that some of you had to
pay for this list; but I feel at this time that maybe this is something
that should be made available to the General Ham Public of Topband
Operators.  I've only kept these files active and updated for nearly 14
years so if I'm to loose anything I'd rather loose a little Pride than
keep information SECRET thus unallowing operators the knowledge as to
where is and why this country can or can't operate where the rest of us

If I've stepped on any toes or insulted anyone with this proposal, Please
accept my public appologies.  My intention is to help Educate and Not to
promote Ignorance.  Thanks for allowing this possible bandwidth where
many might not have wanted to read or hear it as it has nothing to do
with antennas, amplifiers, or DXing.  But in reality IT REALLY DOES HAVE
SOMETHING TO DO WITH ALL OF THEM.  Good Dxing and see all of you in the
pileups.  de N7CKDennis/0
N7CKDennis G. Peterson
1815 Mulberry Avenue
Muscatine, Iowa  52761-3554
319-263-2272     voice
319-262-0120     data/fax

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