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TopBand: TO0R fm JA

To: <>
Subject: TopBand: TO0R fm JA
From: (Shinichi Watanabe)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 23:51:09 UT
Hi all
Lot of reports on TO0R from Eu/US,
but I have never heard him or other report from JA.

Finally I heard him this morning on 1826.7 
with 569 signal at peak around 2100Z.
He listened up for Eus and did not listen to JA band
so far I heard.

I am wondering if they can read this message.
Hope they will try for JA tomorrow morning (2030-2200Z, 5 Jan.),
or they will leave for VK0IR at that time......

73, Watt, JA0DAI
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