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Subject: No subject
From: (Shinichi Watanabe)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 22:32:48 UT
This message is the second try, 
the first one at 4/Jan/0142Z seems to be lost:
Happy New Year!!
I got new ones on 160m this morning, it's really HNY for me.

Though EK6GC was quite strong on 1822 clg CQ JA at 2045Z,
I heard no Eu stations. KC6VW called CQ on 1824.5 with no taker.

I found YB1AQS on 1826 wkg JAs, he was 559 at 2100Z 
and came up to 579 at 2130Z. He was called by SM5AQD on freq, 
while he listened up for JAs. I don't know if he listened to Eu later

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