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TopBand: WAS IT REALLY.....?

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Subject: TopBand: WAS IT REALLY.....?
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 06:45:59 -0500
YK1AO showed up about 0445 calling for USA-direction and strength was right
so hope it wasn't a slim.  At least one K1 and a W3 will be kicking
themselves this AM...they were so busy calling him when he was sending their
calls that they missed a great new one.

Also heard or worked with somewhat QSB signals: UA2BD, YL1DX, OK2BQT, OK2ZU,
UX0XX (never heard this one one before) and SV8JE.  Unfortunately it was one
of those nights when NA could hear the DX quite well but the DX was having a
lot of trouble with NA. is a start and perhaps EU will become accessible to the west and
midwest in the coming days.  For those in the "black hole" we sure hope so!

Bill, VE3CSK

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