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TopBand: WAS IT REALLY.....?

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Subject: TopBand: WAS IT REALLY.....?
From: (w8ji.tom)
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 20:31:09 -0500
That's right! It was a rare horizontal night from here, the phased dipoles
at 250 feet pointed due east were much better than the four square. (Except
at some moments of time) 

This is the SECOND night since I installed the dipoles (last June) that
they beat the four square into Europe. The low dipole actually was a bit
better than the four square, but the high dipoles killed both the four
square and the low dipole. 

Both times this happened signals were greatly skewed from the normal NE
path. Both times there was a geomagnetic storm in progress.

> high angle reception.  Some of the European stations were coming in just as
> well from the southwest position as from the northeast!  RX9AX from zone 17
> poked through with a nice 579 signal and called CQ for around 10 minutes
> with no takers!   I wonder what propagation anomalies were at work last night?

WWV said "minor geomagnetic storm in progress". None of the signals were
strong here, however. 

73 Tom

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