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Topband: Diversity Reception on 160

To: <>
Subject: Topband: Diversity Reception on 160
From: (Ford Peterson)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 10:47:45 -0500
Regarding the question involving TenTec's ORION xcvr and diversity

Tom-W8JI asked:

> For everything but AM reception the question is...."Do the receivers
> share the same local oscillators for all mixing and detection
> stages?"

Scott Robbins of TenTec responded:

> The answers to these were provided me by Doug Smith, KF6DX,
> on our engineering staff.

> The answer to the above question is no.

Tom-W8JI then asked:

> If the answer is no, then the next question is...."Are the
> oscillators that are not common to both receivers directly phase
> locked with a system that always keeps them locked to a common
> timebase?"

Scott responded:

> The answer to this question is yes.

Tom-W8JI then asked:

> Also, if receiver phase delay (mainly group delay in filters versus
> frequency) is not matched it will either ruin or damage combined
> audio (mono) performance. Stereo would still work in most cases.73,
> Tom W8JI

Scott responded:

> Receiver phase delay is matched via DSP in Orion.

> 73
> Scott Robbins, W4PA

Hmmm.  DSP?


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