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Topband: Re: Topband digest, Vol 1 #332 - 6 msgs

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Subject: Topband: Re: Topband digest, Vol 1 #332 - 6 msgs
From: dz@VOA.GOV (Richard Zwirko)
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 16:32:07 -0400 (EDT)
Mac, PY2CW <> wrote:
> Is there any correlation between top band propagation conditions
> versus solar activity, ionospheric conditions, geophysical activity, 
> etc???

> I remember very well when qso'd in phone 
> with 100W many dx stations during a "geomagnetic storm", but was the =
> only opportunity and this is not statistically "safe".
>                                                                          =
>                              py2cw "Mac"

- - -

  Some of my best low power North-South DX QSOs on the Topband and on
80M have occurred during (not before, not after) but during a magnetic
storm. My best phone DX to South America was with CE8AOF in Tierra del
Fuego at the tip of Chile during a magstorm. I've also noticed inhanced
signals from west Africa stations during some magstorms. When the K Index
is 5 or above I try to make it a habit of checking out 160 Meters for DX
south of my Maryland QTH.

73 de Rich - K1HTV

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