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Topband: W1WCR Beverage book

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Subject: Topband: W1WCR Beverage book
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 20:58:57 -0400
> least three things in W1WCR's book cast doubt on the entire work. (1) 
> He claims that for 1.8 mHz and above, the ground systems at each end
> of the antenna should be bonded together with an insulated wire lying
> on the ground directly under the antenna wire for its entire length. 
> This seems contrary to anything else I have ever read about Beverage

That certainly would not help anything, and could even make things 

> theory. (2)  He recommends sloping each end of the antenna to reduce
> pickup from the vertical drop.  Don't you have exactly the same

Think of a K9AY loop, or a Pennant antenna. They act like two close-
spaced verticals even through they have sloped wires. Both ends of 
the Pennant actually have almost perfectly equal vertical response, 
and look at the great difference in their slope!

Why worry about a eight-foot-end out of several hundred feet of wire 
that responds to vertically polarized signals anyway?    

> expenditure is exactly the same). (3)  All the rf transformers he
> shows are autotransformers, grounded at one point, with a tap for the
> coax feedline.  With any antenna of this kind, including the K6STI
> loop, the flag, ewe, etc., the recommendation is always to use a
> transformer with separate primary and secondary and electrostatically

You'd have a tough time electrostatically shielding a transformer in 
any form that is even slightly useful in this application. Even that 
is a waste of time at best, and can actually harm the system at 

Just use separate windings, and keep the grounds isolated.

73, Tom W8JI 

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