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RE: Topband: ARRL Bandwidth petition

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Subject: RE: Topband: ARRL Bandwidth petition
From: "Tod - ID" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:02:21 -0500
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See Tom's comment below:

My comment is that I do NOT want to change the 40 meter allocations so that
Europeans can move up to 7.150 etc. Working simplex on 40 meters is a sure
way to eliminate competition for the East Coast from Gulf Coast and West
Coast contest ops. To suggest that it will make general QSOing easier only
reinforces the point. The chance of a Midwest or West coast op rag chewing
with EU stations on 40 when the East coast is not suffering a power blackout
is virtually nil. 

The same considerations apply on 80 and 160. Viva la "split".


>40 meters is loaded with foreign broadcast outside the USA, 
>and THAT is what makes split work on 40 a problem. 160 is not 
>loaded with megawatt ERP AM transmitters every few kHz.
>Any comparison of the two is totally illogical.
>There isn't any logical reason to let wide mode stations to 
>have unlimited bandwidth where ever they like. It just opens 
>the door for intentional abuse, and DX that would be 100% 
>workable is hopeless at both ends.
>Pushing a "split" button is not all that difficult if you like 
>to work SSB DX. What having the Europeans and USA share 
>frequencies means is everyone loses. Especially people who 
>like DX, but it also includes people who don't.
>Of anyone in the USA, I would think the inland stations would 
>most logically want split operation on 160 and 80 SSB.
>73 Tom
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