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Topband: radial layout and pattern skew

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Subject: Topband: radial layout and pattern skew
From: "Tony Reynolds" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 15:30:23 -0400
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Hi All,
Sorry if this has been beat to death, but I searched the archives under
radials and pattern and thousands of articles turned up at once. Way to
course of a search.

I'm working on my ground system on 160 and I'm limited by dense woods to the
north of me making radial placement almost impossible in that direction.
Modeling this in EZNEC 3 with the radials 3" off the ground shows pattern
skewing of -2 to -3db in the direction of no radials. Which would kind of
make since. Then I found this web site:
in which item one states that this doesn't happen. Is this the case, and if
so, is the skewing from wires being to close to the ground in EZNEC?


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